Back With Beautiful Things

     So I kinda forgot about this thing altogether. I decided it's definitely going to take some one on one alone time for me to really develop feelings for this blog... once we're past the hump of getting to know each other though this thing will take off and I can see Beautiful things coming from the two of us.  People have been begggging me to do another post (my last one must have been a zinger) so here I be.  Ok, begging might be pushing it but someone did just say the other day, "hey, don't you have a blog?" And(flattered) I said why, yes I do!- which they replied "oh, cool".  I know they meant to say- please, please do another post, we all want to hear more about your fascinating life! So, for that person's sake, and whoever else I expected them to be implying- i'm Back!
      I was just thinking the other day about all the internet fads i've given into over the years-AOL(back in the day of jking wit ur grls) Myspace (the days of full extended, above the head camera placement for those who thought that would make them look "hotter" for lack of a more appropriate word.  Did I do this you ask? Psh... gah...wha.. who do you think I am?  Psh- Back to more important matters.  Then came life changing Facebook which occupied much of my time, thoughts, and study hours.  I am confidently announcing however, that I've been introduced to an even more entertaining social network! If you have yet to join in, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Trying to convince people of this is hard.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the line “isn’t it just status updates” NO! My friends- I introduce to you TWITTER!  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s like trying on those pair of pants that feel like they were made specifically for you.  Well instead of fitting my butt just right, twitter fits my way of thinking just right-it gives me currrves.  There are so many great features of it and I challenge you to give it a try.  I will say though that you can’t just dabble in it—I tried that and if you don’t jump in full force you’ll never get the full effect of it.  Try it- I dare you;)
    I know I promised not to make these posts too long but I have so much else to say! I’ll try to sum it up in a turtle shell (turtle because their shells are bigger than nuts and I don’t think everything I have to say would quite fit in the nut shell- definitely a turtle’s though).  In short, life has been crazy- being the annoyingly motivated person I am I decided to take a chemistry class this summer that has haunted me for the past 8 weeks.  Here’s an equation for you: Bad teacher+shortened class time+prenursing girls= a lot of drama, a lot of stress and a lot of swearing.  However, I am happy to announce that I’m pretty positive I’ll get an A in the class, if not then for sure an A-! See maw I am a big girl now!
    Besides that, life has been great.  I like summer because everyone’s always in such a good mood.  In the winter I’m still in a good mood cuz I love the POW but there’s only about 45 percent of people who share that love with me.  100 percent of people love the sun so life is just good right now!
Highlights so far:
-Excellent outdoor concerts- one by the Vibrant Sound, Book on Tapeworm farewell concert for a few months, one by my friend Travis Van Hoff
-Some quality kickball
-Beautiful runs on Provo’s mountainsides
-Pool hangin’ with music, occasional penguin masks and friends. 
-Occasional skype sessions, phone calls, and anything else that makes time go by faster
-Switching from cow milk to almond milk (laugh if you must, giggle or judge but this is Big for me!)

Yup, that's just about my life right now.  Life will get more fun now that i'm outta that dang class.  I start my job tomorrow as a CNA so i'll keep you posted on that- i'm stoked for it.  And I just booked my flight home for the fourth so I can't wait hiking, fireworks and cookouts here I come!! I do wish somehow that we could make a little pit stop in Tulsa somehow but I don't think the pilots would go for that- those jerks.
SONGS/BANDS WORTH MENTIONING(stuff I don't want to forget)
Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks(I'm absolutely obsessed right now),Houdini
The Roots: The Seed(also an obsession)
Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette: Hello [BlackX club version] (great to dance to while cleaning)
Bishicutu: Ring Ring (snagged this song and the next song from a friend's facebook page, he's good at finding good underground songs)
Swordfish Hotkiss Night: Empire of the Sun (sweet song- I think it's old but it's good)
Said The Whale:Plans for the Future, Camillo, Curse of the Currents, The Light is You
The Vibrant Sound:79th and Flight, Waiting, Lets Get it On, Plastic Beauty Queens
and of course Book on Tapeworm: all.  

Welp that's all folks!


Alright already!

So i'm not writing this to anyone in particular it's more just for my enjoyment. (I'd say you can call me selfish, but i'm not going to;).  I'm a pretty miserable journal writer, although I am proud to announce that I have one FULLY completed journal and about 7 more that are no more than a quarter to an eighth filled out.  Because of these many pathetic attempts(other than that one success) I figure this will be a pretty good way to keep myself and whoever else is interested updated on my life!  I guess I won't really need updating on my life, more just a little keep sake that will neeeevvvvveeeerrr go away-one of the many beautiful qualities of the internet:).
I have to warn myself and whoever else that my writing will most likely be pretty random and at some points may not even make sense.  But remember, I'm doing this for myself and luckily, I've been blessed by being spared of the "perfectionist syndrome" so I don't mind my own randomness. I did, however, just make a whole website dedicated to myself so the pressure is on to make it good! Well I promise i'll try :)
  A few words of warning before I get down to the niddy griddy of my life (preferably said with a Three Amigos kind of accent):

  • I am not apposed to adding "haha's" into my writing when I deem it necessary. There are sometimes when there is no better way to express my LOLing better than verbally typing it out.
  • I'm a huge fan of smiley faces :) I smile a lot in real life and I figure why leave that out when i'm writing?? 
  •  Kinda to spice things up a little bit, my roommate and I came up with a fun idea for this blog.  I guess we'll see how long it lasts! If you notice the little under title thing at the top of the page where it says "the ABC's of life", I've decided i'm going to have a little theme throughout this blog.  Pretty subtle but still it'll be fun to try to keep up with! Here's my idea, and it might be lame but oh well.  If it is then you will see the pattern gradually fading until I've done away with the lame idea all together.  
  • So here's the idea if you notice the title of this post is Alright Already you'll mayyyybe (oh that's another thing-I really like elongating my words right now, I think I've already done that a few times in this post alone, but oh well remember this is me trying to be as me as possible, and this is how me talks!)  Ok back to Alright Already-  I'm going to try to title my posts with the corresponding letter. Here are a few examples.  Post number one: alright already.  Post number two: B_____.  And hopefully when the time comes i'll be able to come up with something that starts with B because frankly i'm drawing a blank right now! 
  • I realize this is getting ridiculously long and I promise they won't all be like this! I'm going to try to be good at keeping up with this thing, and I promise to only talk about the really awesome/lame/memorable things going on in my life (i'll spare you on all the deepest darkest feelings of my lil' heart.  I'll save those for the start of a new journal).
  • Lastly, I really am thinking this will be fun.  I've got a lot of thoughts goin on up in my brain and I've just recently learned how fun it is to express them through writing.  I never was big on guided writing exercises but because this is me just writing about whatever the heck I want, I can see me and blogging getting along very well together! So i'll guess we'll just have to see how it goes!